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Saturday July 26 2014 @Private Party

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2014.04.08- OURMADA is finishing the first round of mixes for the new record.
Look for a fall release.

2014.02.27- OURMADA is currently recording songs with Jeff Hamilton at Hamtone studios,
for their forthcoming debut album Through the Wires.

Past Show Archive:
Wednesday June 25 2014 @Summerfest Miller Stage- Milwaukee WI 12pm
Wednesday April 9 2014 @Tonic Tavern- Milwaukee WI 9pm
Friday February 28 2014 @Down & Over- Milwaukee WI (with Honey, Get The Gun) 9:30pm
Wednesday June 29 2013 @Riverwest Radio- interview and single debut on Compose Yourself with Julie B
Wednesday April 3 2013 @Tonic Tavern- Milwaukee WI (with Jack Teich) 9pm
Saturday March 23 2013 @Midwest Gaming Classic- Brookfield WI (with Billy Bon Scott) 9pm
Saturday March 16 2013 @Club Garibaldi- Milwaukee WI (with the Lovehammers) 9:30pm
Saturday February 2 2013 @Club Garibaldi- (with I'm Not A Pilot and Blue Seriously) 9:30pm
Wednesday November 21 2012 @BBC- Milwaukee WI (with Billy Bon Scott) 9pm
Saturday November 10 2012 @Frank's Powerplant- Milwaukee WI (with Synge) 9pm
Friday October 19 2012 @Down & Over- Milwaukee WI (with the 57's and the Black Wings) 9:30pm
Thursday July 19 2012 @Up & Under Pub- Milwaukee WI (with Lost In A Name) 9pm